Covid 19 Update by Friar

So just to be safe, I'll be sheltering in place, I have about three more weeks worth of medication before I need to start worrying. My first appointment under my county health plan is 24 March, to get a referral to a neurologist and endocrinologist.

Until then, I don't actually have a doctor I can contact, as the closest one will cost me $150 for the first visit and $144 for subsequent visits, with labs and injections having to be paid out of pocket.

Just leveling with you, I have been actively seeking medical attention before the pandemic crisis, and have been unsuccesful at raising any money for the past year. The care I have received is basic preventative treatment at low cost clinics, and is probably not sufficent at covering any of the costs currently needed, or addressing my more specialized needs.

It's very likely if I do contract the disease that I will be a casualty as I am diabetic, and do not have the strongest immune system, along with what's very likely MS. I'm going to continue doing art in the meantime, but if this account goes quiet, you'll know why. Stay safe.

In any case, it's been a great honor to have served the babyfur community for twenty years with my art, and even if the worst should come to pass, know that I have met many of my best friends and made my greatest memories in your company. Thanks for having let me come and play.

Now, time for more diaper art.

Covid 19 Update


11 March 2020 at 23:39:56 MDT

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