Should I move from Patreon to Ko-Fi? by loucathwil

Hi there!
Having Patrons for this last year really has made a big difference to my self esteem and productivity. Although I am still a scatterbrained person (learning difficulties and anxiety), so it has been a struggle to think of what to share on there that's worth sharing.
Also, I'm noticing that I seem to get a lot more verbal feed back on my work when posting to other social media sites and art communities, but I don't feel right sharing things with here that I think my patrons should have priority over.
Lastly, I am a person who has to watch their spending, as I never know how much-or-little money I will have from month to month, so I am always anxious to avoid anything that requires regular payments, so if feels kinda hypocritical to expect anybody else to be okay with that.

I want to share more wips, but not have a money wall there, but a means of support and tipping.

I want to show you all more of the stuff I have been doing at Centrepieces (, a mental health Art charity based in Bexleyheath, UK. I've had a studio space since January, and it's helped my work so much! (also, more free space at home!). I have lots of dolls to show you; old and new, and I want to show you whats for sale!

Sorry for the super long sentences. Anyway, would love to hear your thoughts.

Best Wishes


Should I move from Patreon to Ko-Fi?


1 March 2020 at 07:06:30 MST

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