General update, 2-19-2020. :) by keirajo

A short little update to my friends, followers, etc.—it’s been awhile and if you haven’t posted art I’ve commented on, you probably think I’m non-existent anymore. But I’m still here and active as a viewer at the moment.

Basically, life has sucked and hit me hard the past few months. Mentally (empty job positions at work giving me 3 times the normal amount of work), emotionally (trying to help my sister get her life fixed) and health-wise (issues).

We just had part-timer interviews today. Finally. Especially after thinking the budget cuts would deprive us of the positions forevermore. Once we have people on board and we can get them trained, I plan to take a vacation. I haven’t had a legitimate day off beyond the holidays and my health thingie in months. Getting away from work for a little bit might help with the health, too. I love my job, but it just might kill me at this rate.

I’d also like to write, draw or finally freaking color things! XD

Spring may be here soon, I hope. I look forward to consistent days over 50 degrees.

The new “Animal Crossing” for the Switch comes out soon. I’ll buy it as soon as I can, but given I don’t have home internet or the Nintendo Online subscription (and why pay for something if I don’t have home internet?), I won’t be able to play online as I did with New Leaf. But I hope I enjoy it as much as I did with New Leaf.......considering I still visit my town for 20 minutes every night to see my villagers and prevent Antonio from ever moving away. XD Plus I need one more painting—JUST ONE!!!

I’m doing my first ‘fic trade with someone (Transformers, of course) on AO3–I’m excited and nervous about it. I hope they like what I write and I can’t wait to see what they’re going to write for me! :D

So, how is everyone else doing? You all still hanging in there? :)

General update, 2-19-2020. :)


19 February 2020 at 16:49:44 MST

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    I hope things get better for you. Life can really throw so much at you, in so little time. You may need to think about another job.

    I look forward to the new Animal Crossing as well. I wonder what it will be like.
    And I how that feels. I got three villagers I don't want leaving XD

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      Thanks! :) I have a great job, it’s just awful that people are allowed to get away with doing practically nothing. Given I’m paid well and have health insurance, I may as well stay until I retire (hopefully). And I do love it, but people sometimes make me want to punch them. XD

      I see you got a name change! :D

      The setting of an island seems different, so I wonder how moving in and out of villagers might work. And fishing! But I guess we’ll know soon enough. For the sake of no internet, I hope it won’t be internet-reliant to enjoy it.......

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        Welcome! And I know that feeling. Sounds like a good job for sure. Punch them though (actually don't).

        Yes, Weasyl is awesome for allowing it xD.

        It certainly does! And I don't think it will be internet reliant.
        Do you have issues with your internet?

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          Yeah, I look forward to retirement on some days. I think I’ve got about 15 more years before I qualify for full benefits?

          I don’t have home internet. The apartments where I live will only let you get cable/internet from one company and they’re ridiculously expensive. So I use the wi-fi at work and sometimes rent a hotspot from work. :)

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            I mean that is good that you aren't far off from getting benefits.

            And that sucks, but at least you have other options to work with.

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              Yeah. There are days when retirement can’t come soon enough, but I have a feeling I’ll be one of those people who wants a part-time job six months after I retire! XD

              Sometimes I think I’m better off for not having all-time access to online. I think a lot more people would be better off to “unplug” every once in awhile. :)

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                I think that is what most people who retire do, they keep on working. Just to have something to do.

                It really is a good idea to "unplug". Gives your mind a sense of ease.

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                  Yeah. One of the people we will probably hire from the interviews is retired—she said she was getting bored at home! XD

                  I wish more people appreciated the value of unplugging. :)

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                    That is usually the case. Plus it keeps you active. XD


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                      Very true! :)

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    hope things go better for you :). cant wait for the new animal crossing too :). doing good lately, had a cold for the past few days and its finally dying down and im not coughing as bad now :D. been planning out a comic ^_^

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      Thanks so much! :)

      It seems like everyone’s been getting sick lately. I haven’t been sick, just battling weird health issues (but it comes from getting old and all). I never like being sick, but the unknown is, I almost wish I’d been sick! wry laugh Hang in there, you’ll get better soon.

      Good luck on the comic! :D

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    Glad to know I'm not the only one keeping up with my new leaf town! I've been busy with pokemon mystery dungeon and making another comic, but it's been good! Work's been kinda exhausting, but there's an end in sight for some of my least favorite projects so I'm happy about that :D

    By the way, what painting do you need in new leaf? I can keep an eye out for it next time Redd's here if you want!

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      I’ve played it for at least 20 minutes every night since I got it. I usually play right before bed lately. I just wish Redd would give me that last painting I need, instead of fakes. I’m only missing an Ancient Statue, really—oops, not a painting, technically. lol This one’s so easy to tell the fake from the real one, but I keep even buying the fakes in the hopes that next time he’ll bring the real one! XD

      It feels like everyone I know with jobs has been having it rough lately. At least it sounds like you’ve got an end in sight! :D

      I’m still working my way through my chibi dolls for my G1S3 ‘fics. I don’t know that I can’t top the Thunder Arrow crew (Star Saber, Deszaras and Deadlock) as far as detail and design go, but I made Starscream look pretty good and Leozak looks super cute! Plus I drew the “Mystery Gestalt” that I have not yet revealed in the stories yet, but I think I’ve laid enough clues that some people might know who it is. XD

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    Work is o.k. for me (hotel slower in winter), sorry your job has become hectic. The librarians here always seem busy helping some patron up front. This phone is capable of tethering... but the auto updates prevent me from wanting to take advantage other then using my previous phone on it since it is smaller and lightweight and ancient.

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      Well, if it's slow and you can relax, that's good. Crazy is fine to keep you busy, but I certainly am no longer young enough to bear with it for two or three months straight. XD

      I hope the winter hasn't been too bad for you where you are. :)