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A Note About The New Nest Sale by AnxotheDragon

Hey all, AnxotheDragon here! Things in my personal life have been a little bit shaky lately, my health has been unstable at best and things are just continuing to pack on the chaos so I thought I’d give a little bit more insight into the situation I’m in and why I’m asking for support. Currently, I’m living in a 3 bed 2.5 bath house with my parents, my sister, her partner and my partner. My sister and her partner have a baby on the way, expected due in April. It’s a good house with some spacious rooms, but the house just isn’t built for seven. My partner and I are getting the worst of it right now, living in a room with essentially a bed, a dresser and one shelf between the two of us. The two larger rooms went to my sister’s family and my parents, which I can’t necessarily say I disagree with, but space is definitely tight right now. To add to the chaos, I’m still searching for a complete medical diagnosis to apply for disability income. We’ve got a few things squared away, such as type 3 ehlers danlos syndrome, fibromyalgia, celiac disease and thyroid disease. I’m still seeking answers and treatment, but in the meantime, I spend almost all my time in bed and have limited mobility and physical ability. There is just nowhere else in the house for me to be. It’s chaos the whole house over, and there isn’t anywhere I can support my joints and do things like game or draw. So I’m mostly stuck in bed with an old kindle fire and my laptop.

My family is planning a move to a full multigenerational household, where rent for my partner and I is generous and they will help support me until I can make some medical headway. My partner has some furniture in storage from an old apartment, but I essentially have one shelf, an office chair I can’t really use and the bed. Some extra pocket cash for the move, both to furnish our new living space and to help in transporting my predatory fish tank and tarantula, would be a godsend right now. However, the move is likely only a few weeks out at this point and I can’t be on my feet due to a recent femur subluxation. I’ve decided to open commissions at a discount and auction off YCHs so I can get a bit of money in my pocket for the coming weeks. I’m only taking three slots at a time, that way I don’t bite off more than I can chew this close to the move, but will be opening up more slots as I complete projects. If you’re interested in some creepy/cute art, I’ll do my best to make it worth your while! 🖤


A Note About The New Nest Sale


19 February 2020 at 13:32:03 MST

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