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Hello everybody! Finally a new journal, yay XD
It's been a long time... so here's some updates and news from me:

The University student's life
I believe you know I am busy studying exam after exam... during the last years I admittedly wasn't very productive or seriously invested in my career, so I had to renew my efforts, which is why my all my posts tend to come in "hiccups" XD
However! The effort is showing and after just 2 months into this new year I already managed to pass 2 more exams, even scoring a 30/30 this very morning! So I think you'll agree I can afford to chill for a couple of days now ;P

What's next
I of course have more exams ahead, but I also managed to find some time to make something I hope you'll all enjoy!
First of all, I'll finally submit to my galleries the few commissions I got some weeks ago but that I simply couldn't bother to post earlier amidst all the studying XD
But before that, I was also able to make something of my own as well... a new little project which I find quite entertaining and that also helps me to better flesh out the OCs I own and their universe. It will be a surprise, but it will be revealed soon! ^w^

That's it! Have a nice day people! (and happy Valentine's Day to all the lucky couples out there too) <3

News and life updates!


14 February 2020 at 06:41:43 MST

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