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Commissions opening soon! (Info here) by TitusW

Hello all!

I’m going to be opening my commissions back up in about 2 weeks! On Saturday February 15th at 1pm Eastern Time. But things are going to be a bit different this time! ^^

Here’s how it’s going to work! I’m no longer going to do open and closed commission groups! Commissions are now always open for new requests! New commission slot requests are placed into a pool that I will choose from at my own pace. (kind of a pool, kind of a waiting list) I will still try to choose from my oldest requests first, but they will likely be selected out of order

Here is a quick summary of how to request a commission slot and how it works:

• Check my availability and price list here:
• Read my commission Terms of Service here:
• Scroll to the bottom of the ToS page and fill out the Commission Slot Request Form, providing me with all the information I need to know what you want drawn. (If you have multiple different commissions you want done, which is totally fine, please fill out one form per commission!) You can also send me your request via email, as long as it contains all of the same information the form is requesting! My email is listed on my website:
• Once I receive your request(s) with all of your information, I will send you an email confirming that I received your commission slot request. (It may take from a couple of days to weeks for me to respond to it)
• I then put your commission slot request into a “pool” waiting list with everyone else who has already requested commission slots. Here your commission request waits until I am ready to work on it and I select it. Please keep in mind there may be many other people before you, and the wait may or may not be quite long depending on how busy I am.
• When I am finally ready to work on your requested commission, I will email you. If you changed your mind during the wait, that is alright! We can either change what you want drawn, cancel the commission request, or postpone it!
• We will finalize the details of your commission, and then I’ll have you pay for it. Once it’s paid for, I will add you to the Active Commission Slots list here:
• And finally, I start on your drawing! The rest all continues as a normal commission would! ^^

(There is a longer more detailed explanation of the process in my commission terms here: )

In addition to this, I’m going to start doing occasional YCHs! I have some ideas for them I want to try out… Maybe even offer some gasp explicit ones? :P Anyways the more casual nature of this commissions system will make working YCHs into it far easier ^^

Extra fyi, I’ll also be overall reducing the number of emails that I am writing during the course of each commission. All my time spent emailing is time spent both not making art in general and not making money on other commissions. Also I’ve developed a lot of unhealthy anxiety towards emails that I want to remedy. So main things I will be trying to do in every commission’s email chain: Be more concise and less verbose, be less formal and less obsessive, reply faster overall, and lastly send fewer WIPs. I will be reducing the number of WIPs I send for approval, because sending more than a few makes the overall process so much slower for no reason (and various other things). Smaller drawings I will stick to one WIP, the sketch; and larger paintings I will send two, the sketch and the rough colors. (extra WIPs for revisions when they are needed of course)

(Another fyi, if you have previously requested commissions from me via email and were waiting to be notified when commissions are re-opening, I’m going to just add your commission request into this group. I will notify you when I’m ready to start your commission, or I’ll email you saying I added you to the commission pool)

So that should explain it! XD If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask! This is a new thing for me, so there are bound to be issues to work out ^^

Thank you all for reading! :D

Commissions opening soon! (Info here)


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