Of Eye Problems and Commissions by SatsumaLord

Hey all, it's SatsumaLord here, and due to a recent development with my eyesight, I'll probably have to do limitations on commissions for the foreseeable future (assuming I can even handle doing commissions at all).

For anyone curious about the specifics of my health situation, around Sunday afternoon, I noticed I was having a weird smudge effect going on in my left eye, especially when I was trying to read something (every time I would try to read a word with my left eye for example, one of the letters would be obscured by this smudge). After visiting an eye doctor, they determined that it was likely a condition called "Central Serous Retinopathy", where fluid fills up a pocket in the back of the eye, causing the person to see that smudge effect in their vision.

From what I understand, it's not anything deadly or even all that serious, but it's definitely a concern for me and I'm hoping to get the matter resolved soon. I'm going to try and see another eye doctor in the near future; if nothing else, to confirm what it is and hear more about possible treatments for it. The previous doctor said that in most cases, this kind of condition clears up on its own; but since the number one cause is high stress and the usual solution tends to involve lowering stress, that's gonna be kinda hard to do (especially since in order to even see a doctor I need money, to get money I need to do commissions, but to do commissions I need healthy vision, and to get healthy vision I need to see a doctor, but to see a doctor I need money, and so on and so on). ^_^;

So yeah, at least until I can find out more about how I can better handle my new eyesight problem, commissions will have to remain closed for now. I still intend to keep my Patreon page open however, as that's the only real money stream I have at the moment; though new content on my Patreon page may end up being slower than usual.

I might see about trying to do more with YCH auctions, since in theory, they might help me raise funds while working from a template (which will hopefully make things faster and easier on me). I might even try to do something with adoptable characters, but I haven't really decided on how to even go about that.

For certain though, I went ahead and activated "shinies" for my FurAffinity page; so I guess if you have an FA page and want to throw a few bucks my way, you're certainly welcome to do that. Though pledging to my Patreon page (i.e. ---> ( https://www.patreon.com/satsumalord )) is always welcome, if you'd prefer.

Lastly, although I'm closed for commissions for the time being, the hope is to post up a piece or two that I haven't had the chance to post up onto my galleries yet, so there will be at least a bit of new content coming soon.

Anyway, I'll try to provide an update on things as the situation progresses; thanks for reading my rambly journal and I hope that you're all doing well.

Of Eye Problems and Commissions


30 January 2020 at 14:52:24 MST

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