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Anxieties by TheOtherEliArts2001

So, 2020 is here. It's been here for a good four and a half weeks already. And the world has turned into a complete mess.

China is being contaminated with a plague, Australia's climate has gone haywire, Africa's plants are being eaten by locusts, America has committed war-crimes with the Middle-East...

Yeah, just when I thought it would be a great year. I don't even know how many of us will still even be here to even see the next one.

My anxiety is spiking, and I feel so hopeless and afraid. I know, it sounds stupid. But hearing these news articles about the world, I wake up every morning with these feelings.

I don't know how to react to any of this other than with fear.

I know getting my mind off of it won't change anything. It will all just be the same. But I'm still trying the therapeutic approach by writing about it, and having other people read this. I know I'm not the only one feeling scared for these reasons.

I'll be sure to update if anything new in my personal life happens.



27 January 2020 at 00:55:32 MST

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    You are most certainly not alone, and you have all the right to be anxious. People who are aware of what is happening across the world will be afraid, because they are smart enough to recognize how much is going wrong and what we are loosing in the process. It cripples my mind at times and leaves me confused, especially when I try to discuss these issues with people and they seem uninterested or just change the subject. ...Of course avoiding the problems won't make them disappear.

    Much like you I have ever-present anxiety and often become depressed, but I've also become aware recently that there are many people trying to fight for what is good. I'm becoming involved in activism against climate change and to support animal rights. I'm also hoping to do some work to stop war, because apparently people have short-term memory loss and forget the endless list of atrocities that it brings with it every time. Even when all seems lost, we must try.


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      Wise words. Hope is the only thing that keeps us going. That being said, all we can do is just remain optimistic of the thought that things will eventually get better.
      It's nice hear that you're taking part in trying to make the world a better place, even if only slightly. It's the best anyone can do really, and I don't have a problem with that.

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    I feel your pain. I am not one to get scared by news around the world, but my anxiety has just been increasing in general. 2020 has been a trash year for the world. I'm hopeful that it will get better. (Also, someone is trying to copyright SCP. Which means thousands of peoples hard work is going to be taken over by one person. That's a different topic, but I just heard about it and wanted to share it.) That is all, hope you have a good day!

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      Thank you. I'm sorry to hear that you have anxiety too. But like I said above, it's nice to have hope. And I am hopeful that you also have good days as well.

      (Also yeah, I have heard about that SCP stuff. Really unfortunate, and I hope that can be resolved. A lot of hard work was put into the mythos of these stories, and it should not be thrown to waste like that.)