New Year, New Update! by amethrym

Hello! It has been a while since I've posted a words thing of sorts. There has been so much going on, finding time to just sit down and type has been a bit tricky.

So! What's in store for this coming year? Well the main thing is I will be continuing doing my art, as well as my comic Dumb Dragon Comix // ! I have so much more to learn and I've got to keep going!

My website Taala Ruhun Arts // is now proudly a Ko-Fi page! I have already got it up and going, with a goal to get freelance ready!

I'm currently preparing to go to FurCoNZ //, a local furry convention in New Zealand. I've got prints, stickers and offering commissions so come and see me at my table if you are going!!

Right now, I'm going into the year with determination!! I have started attending the gym, as well as practice more self discipline when it comes to bad habits! My mental health is better, I'm surrounded by great friends and life seems to be going pretty okay!

2020 is going to be MY year for sure!! Catch you guys later!:・゚✧:・゚✧✨💜

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New Year, New Update!


25 January 2020 at 03:21:11 MST

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    Totally get the resolution of self discipline for this year. I'm forcing myself to get my rear in gear with things I need to do with my life, from creativity to even transitioning. I'm glad your mental health is improving; keep up the momentum! I'll see if I can't toss some Ko-Fi dosh your way sometime, and need to catch up on your webcomic. <3

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      Oh thank you so much! I really appreciate how much you care about my stuff ^^