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update by littlegreeny

ok first things first i am 100% back and be posting my old and gifted art work i got from this month and last year i am doing good where i am now and will be opening up more choices once i have them move on
1. i am reopen request for anything but i be limiting the spots every month
2. if u a new follower or person u get one freebie of a plushy chibi and what every u want
3. i will be streaming in February where i be playing retro games and posting them on YouTube
4. i will be doing live request on stream on days i pick u can get more then one there but please the limit is one per week as u should give others a chance get there stuff done two
5. last thing is i will start open my mailing box and start doing unboxings on stream then be posted on YouTube later. I will be a internet unboxing means u can send me fan art or codes to games and i show the art off on stream that day and play the game two with a thanks if going mail me something no wepions nothing nasty no food no money please tip me on stream only please only will take fan art u drawings games merch your old consoles just please remember think be for u send it please place your name on something not on it so i can thank u and even shout u out if u want it. "A P.O box coming soon"INFO ON ART" REQUEST: OPEN TRADES: OPEN COMMISSIONS: OPEN "my
my twich:
my youtube:



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