AutoSkunk season two announcement by ShawnSkunk

that's right pretty soon I'll be kicking off season two, though this season their probably won't be very many reviews as I'll trying to focus more on finishing my ged course and getting out of the way, after all with important yet hard work that comes first will yield great reward which comes second
anyow here's what I'll be doing to start off season 2

I'll be starting season two with a car maker I believe is never mentioned, an Israeli car manufacturer called Autocars.Co
this was Israel's first car maker which didn't stay in business for very long
it's something I wanted to shed light because I believe it's not known well enough because I never hear anything about cars like these in the global car community, and I never know Israel had their own domestic car brands until I discovered one of their cars quite by accident when I saw a photo of it on Deviantart and they look like pretty decent looking cars inspite of some of them being a little on the plain side
that will be my season two opener this month

AutoSkunk season two announcement


6 January 2020 at 19:01:13 MST

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