Year of the Mythos by Undeadkitty13

A new Year, a new project.
Mythos, my new art project where i delve deeper into myths,legends and folklore. Pretty much what I've done with series like the Egyptian gods but doing more research. There will be art and comics based on various folklore and mythology. I"ll be making polls for which myths and stories I'll be doing. But I wanted to start off with two I've been wanting to work on for a while, Japan and Greco-Roman.

Each Mythos will be broken up into parts, for Japan ill be doing the Bestiary first (Yokai/ demons and monster) Kami Pantheon and Shinto god pantheon. For Greco-roman ill let you guys choose which i start first bestiary, titan pantheon or god pantheon.

I also wanted to include you all into the project.So thought if any of you wanted to, could include your oc's in the series. At the end of each series I'll have a digital art book available if you all are interested. For those who joined the series and are okay with having your oc's in the art book then they who participated will get a discount. I'll go into further details when I'm about to launch.

Looking forward to this and hoping you all will enjoy the journey.
Thank for all the support and talk to yall laters

Year of the Mythos


2 January 2020 at 14:01:50 MST

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    That sounds fascinating! Looking forward to seeing what comes out of this!