Furries can be such hypocrites. by RDK

I notice some accounts from furries attacking others from time to time on twitter, going as far as getting personal on others being of different ethnic backgrounds and other things. See, this is why I was never fully in favor of this fandom despite the fact I am a part of it if it isn't obvious on my drawings. Some of people on said fandom are pretty much full of shit when it comes to complains about how "normies" and anyone else picks on them and mock their group and all that.

You go on crying "fursection" and discriminatory bias when some of you do the same and relentlessly fuck with anyone else online. Even from your own fandom. Why do you get huffy when it happens to you then? Some of you are not different from bronies who always wave their victim card whenever anyone says anything about them but then go on attacking others anyway.

Seriously, just stop. Try for once be better than this if you want society to respect you. This is not reflecting on the entire thing in a positive way.

Furries can be such hypocrites.


20 December 2019 at 15:54:20 MST

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    That's why I left the s**ty fandom because of all the drama and white knights attacking people for no reason .