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Christmas, New Years + Updates by NecroDrone

Happiest of Holidays my freaky darlings!~

Just a notice I will be away from December 19th to December 30th, and will be working throughout the holiday season. I'm staying diligent to my goals, however the recent move over to Clip Studio Paint 100% has slown me down considerably. But I am learning fast, feeling good about the change, and am working on the oldest to newest to get everything done before reopening late January. I will not be answering inquiries until I return from break!

Beginning January 6th, I will be on a strict work schedule for health and business. This means I will be keeping business hours for work related tasks and will not "talk shop" afterwards. All detailed information on this is now posted on my TRELLO as well as on my front pages. I do update my Trello every single work day IF APPLICABLE.

I try to keep social, responding to who I can, when I can. I've learned to balance my time for others and time for myself, having become more introverted lately, and that works for me. On my work hour times, I want that time for work, not idle socializing. Other than these points, I will no longer be overstocking my queue to better represent the business ethics I wish to utilize (ie. shorter wait times, thorough data logging, etc).

Thank you all so much for your continued support and am so looking forward to 2020. Hope you all have a happy, warm and safe holiday and New Year. Good vibes <3

Christmas, New Years + Updates


17 December 2019 at 18:11:44 MST

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