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It's over. by TheOtherEliArts2001

Shadow has passed away today.

He was worse than we had ever seen him. By this point, his condition was irreversible. There was nothing more that we could do.

One point, we tried getting him to stand up, but he just collapsed on his own feet, lied flat on the floor and wouldn't get back up. He was so weak that even when food or water was presented to him, he would barely even react.

So, we knew there was no other option. Even I knew that. I accepted what was about to happen. I agreed that Shadow needed to be put to sleep.

I had to consider what was really best for him. And I think all he really wanted was for the pain to stop. He was an old dog, and he had lived his life. There was no point in trying to delay the inevitable. That would only make it worse.

So that's why I agreed with it. Because it was the right thing to do.

I prayed to God to take care of him, even in death. Then I left the room. I didn't want my last memory of him to be of his dead body, I only wanted to remember him still living and breathing.

My mother had to stay in the room though. I feel so bad for her, because when she came out, she was beyond distraught from what happened. She even cried as we were driving home, and I started tearing up myself.

It had hit me. My dog is gone.

Yes, I was deeply upset. When I got home, I went up to my room, and I cried. My eyes were a mess.

Right now I'm feeling kind of numb. I guess I'm sort of okay, but I'm still kind of sad.

I'm typing this because I've already told you about it, and I feel it is only right to update on what has happened. I'm sorry if I made anybody sad when they read this.

I hope my dog is in a better place now.

R.I.P. Shadow

Birth: 2010 / Seattle, Washington

Death: 2019 / Sydney, Australia

It's over.


17 December 2019 at 04:22:08 MST

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    I'm so sorry. I knew it was inevitable but it's still a tragedy. You are absolutely correct, you did the right thing. It is crucial that we alleviate suffering when we can, and in situations like these it is the most humane option we have. I know through experience that the final decision was excruciating, and for that I am sorry. You will heal, and I sincerely hope that the healing process is as painless as possible for you.

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    Like I said, I did cry for maybe 20 minutes up to an hour in my room that night. I'm fine now. In fact, I'm actually in a better emotional state than I thought I would be today.
    There is a small part of me that still hasn't fully wrapped around the fact that he's gone. But I am moving on. That doesn't mean I'm forgetting him tough. I will miss him for sure.