New Year New Baa by SilverSheep

I have heaps of news going into the new year. First off I broke up with my boyfriend. I won't go into why here because I already had a rant about it elsewhere. I'm single but not ready to mingle. In more positive news is my new suit from Hunni Bear. Here's a photo of Silver Sheep. I'm delighted with my new baa. I never thought that I would have him made because of the metal effect I envisioned for his wool, and not many fursuit makers have examples of sheep. Hunni Bear did a fantastic job making my sparkle boy. He shimmers in the sun, and he is a baa through and through.

I picked up some more art for Christmas. A new comic from Sam AKA Frosted Monster. It's a comic featuring Braxton and Macchiato Coyote. I love Sam's art, and Frosted Monster is always great to work with. Check out Lewd Laser Tag here. Braxton is a cheeky fox who comes up with fun games to play.

I feel blessed I have good friends in my life they have been helping through my troubles lately. The weekend at Decemfur was a real pick me up. I desperately needed that love and support. I will have to work on returning that love and support. I'll have to try to catch up with my friends in January when people are on their holiday break. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

New Year New Baa


15 December 2019 at 22:26:59 MST

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