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Coping with life by Cuprohastes

So a few years ago I was dealing with The Man. Aka the Government, in the form of a guy who was not partiucularly bad but represented an organisation that's basically cruel verging on sadistic, based on protestant values from a century or so back.

Anyway. I was finding a few of the items on my to-do list to be fairly ill-thought out and irellevant and mentioned this (at length, [Citation Provided]), and was told "Yeah but... you have to do it anyway."

But then this chap, who we aren't going to call George, said something perspective shifting:

"Think of it like a game ."

I have no idea why he thought that up, but all of a sudden, I had the mental tools to deal with a wide array of bullshit. This wasn't jsut a poorly conceived protocol thought up by people with no releveant experience, empathy or skills:It was a level grinding quest.

"Fill out [50] forms and deliver them to Someoene who isn't called George before the timer runs out" [Reward: 75Coin of the Realm, 50XP, +50 faction points]
Accept? [Y] [N]

Life: The MMO with no quit option

Everyone starts out on the tutorial, and if you're lucky you get the standard starter package. Some people get the deluxe, gold, elite version where all quests are pre-completed and the final boss is already dead and they're just here for the story.

Other people are on hard mode - This is the biggest MMO: Heal n' Rez when you can, and don't forget to say Gratz. They might need a buff if you have spares. Be the healer you want to have casting on your sorry arse.

You can play solo, you can LFG, or you can start or join a guild, because that 'Move the couch to the new apartment' quest between level 18 and level 30 is stone cold bitch without a team.

Everything you do is for XP.

Hang out with friends: Social XP gained - Unlocks perks "Skill for Thrills", "10% lower anxiety", "Got your back!". Can unlock the Matrimony and "With Benefits" storylines.
Did something nice: Social XP levelled up - Unlocks perks "Feels Good", "Everyone liked that", "Heart of a Dog".
Went to work: Generates CotR, levels XP, unlocks - "Vacation Quest", "The Sleeping Place", "Let me get the Cheque".
Pet the dog: Acheivement unlocked - "Pet the Dog".

Sometimes ther rules are arbitrary and odd. It's like an invisible wall or press F to show respect. It's jsut something that got put in to make you do extra work - It makes no sense, it's an impediment, butyou have to do it anywaybecause it's "optionally mandatory": You can choose not to do it but you can't continue unless you do, and there's no other option.

But you get XP. And once you did it, the next time you can speed run it, and you get XP from level capping and running other PCs through it.

So next time there's some bullshit like doing laundry, or cooking, or having to get out of bed when there doesn't seem to be a reasons... Imagine it's jsut a bullshit level grind or Daily Quest and if you do enough, you level up and get an extra spoon.

Coping with life


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