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As of late, I've been feeling quite a bit better in general! as some of you may know, I kind of abruptly closed commissions after opening them due to emotional circumstances, (& commissions prior to that took quite a while to finish) which have passed, for the most part. Recently, I basically took some requests to get things flowing a bit more again, as well as some very minor doodles that I probably won't post (I don't think anyone would be interested in not-even-half-finished-sketches) on the side. These kind of helped me get a bit into things, but they were just requests; I could take as much time as I could on them, & if I didn't deliver, there was no guarantee that I would anyway

I've considered opening commissions again several times, & even tried doing so for game modding things that I do on the side every now & almost-never-these-days, but I didn't get very far into that before I burnt out & cancelled all the orders I didn't start or make very much progress on. Part of it is self-motivation & interest in the projects I was given; But most of it came from me working quite a lot more hours at work than I was working in the past. I would only get about two shifts a week, so I would have a lot of free time to work on things. Even way before that, I had an abundance of free time due to unemployment. Working a lot more in a week means three things:
One, I don't have nearly as much free time as I used to.
Two, my motivation to work on anything I personally don't want to do/have no interest in has nosedived because, well, who wants to work on their days off from work?
And three, I'm usually not in desperate need of money anymore, so why would I take commissions in that case? (If I wasn't interested in the money, I would just do requests, similarly to how I've done this month.)

The combination of these three causes has led me to just not bother trying to open up commissions for a number of reasons, but the main two factors are that I wouldn't be able to complete them in a timely, reasonable amount of time, & that I don't want to use what little free time I have stressing myself out over delivering orders to other people so that they get what they want for their money's worth.

With that in mind, I probably won't open commissions for the foreseeable future. I apologize to those who wanted to get one & were waiting for me to open again, (I don't think there's that many of you, though? Last time I was open I didn't get much going anyway, so yeah) but I hope you'll understand.
Part of me wants to open them up anyway under the premise that, even with these drawbacks,some people would be willing to wait & wait & wait for their orders to be completed, but that wouldn't feel good for me personally & would keep bothering me when I don't really need that kind of stress/pressure. I've gotten a lot better overtime, but that doesn't exactly mean I'm 100% either.

Maybe at some point I'll be able to comfortably open them up again, but for now, they'll be staying closed.
That being said, I will probably be a bit more lenient towards requests people may have. I don't really want them flooding my inbox or the comments sections on my submissions, so the only place I can really redirect any of you who may have any would be to this journal, which I've repurposed for the occasion. Obviously, you should not expect your request to be done, & definitely not in a timely manner, either. Keeping that in mind, feel free to toss anything in there. All I ask is that it's nothing super specific/demanding/etc, since these aren't commissions. The more freedom I get & the more interested I am in the request itself, the more likely I'll be to do it.
Though that's not to say I certainly will, & not to say that some things that don't align with my interests at all won't get made, (I did draw a request with a fetish I normally wouldn't dare go near, after all) but it's something to keep in mind.

Hope you all understand! Again, apologies for those who wanted to get a commission or were waiting—I don't mean to disappoint but I'd be disappointing you more while stressing myself out if I were to open them.

tl;dr work = less reasons/time to do commissions, so they won't be opening for a very long time(?)
however, requests are open & can be dumped here
sorry for any inconveniences this may cause!

Future of Commissions


27 November 2019 at 02:31:25 MST

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