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Originally, I never posted a request thread here on Weasyl like I did on FurAffinity & Inkbunny; Mostly because this site is uh... very barren as far as its userbase, & I didn't really feel like it was worth even making a journal for. Even so, there's no harm in doing it now, I guess.
Just comment below with something & if you're lucky enough I'll end up drawing it (at least a sketch) during my free time.

General rules:
• I'm not entirely opposed to drawing OCs, but it's pretty likely that I won't draw them in most cases. At the very least, your chances are better if it's a Pokemon (maybe Digimon) OC, or something a bit more on the simple side. General anthro fursonas/OCs are probably the least likely to get drawn.
• NSFW is fine; Some fetishes/kinks I'll completely avoid, some I'd be willing to try drawing, & others are A-OK... Though I won't say what is & isn't. In this case, my F-List can be used as a reference, but it can bend a little.
• Kindly leave my own characters out of this; I'd rather not take any chances.
• I don't mind some degree of being specific with your request, but these aren't commissions. Please keep that in mind & be somewhat tactful with your requests in that regard.
• If you don't get your request drawn, don't pester me about it. At all. I'll completely ignore it & any future requests you may have if you do so, so please don't.
• I'm not going to say no to multiple requests, but please be courteous to others & don't flood with too many requests, either in a single comment or multiple.

With that out of the way, request away!

/request thread


27 November 2019 at 02:26:50 MST

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