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time for updates regarding future AutoSkunk reviews by ShawnSkunk

I'm getting into writing AutoSkunk reviews this month just like I said I would in my last journal regarding this
I took a GED math test but it was a practice test and the results show that I'm not quite ready yet and need to study more but regardless of that I'm still gonna try to write reviews
here's a hint on what my next review is going to be on
next review will be about the Ford VS Ferrari movie, an absolute masterpiece in my opinion and I will be talking about how historically accurate this movie is by pointing out it's inaccuracies as well as comparing to the actually story of the famous Ford/Ferrari rivalry battle
it'll be a lot of fun to do a review on a movie I've been for over a decade for someone in Hollywood to do and now someone finally granted my wish, plus there's no such thing as spoilers for a movie like Ford VS Ferrari if you're an auto history buff like me because you don't need spoilers if you already know what's happened in history and already gonna know how it's gonna in a movie like this, the only thing you'll be doing is being nit picky at any historical inaccuracies you may spot in it ;3
I've already seen the movie twice and way too excited to get started on this review and will likely be my favorite review, the Ford Ferrari rivalry is my most favorite story from automotive history, watching documentaries on it, reading an article about it, hearing the stories from people who were involved in Ford's efforts to beat Ferrari, collecting some models of the Ford GT40 that was built to beat Ferrari including the Lego Speed Champions version of that car
this could be the most fun review I will ever be doing yet
so if you guys are fans of the Ford/Ferrari story and the new Ford VS Ferrari movie than this upcoming review is for you :3

time for updates regarding future AutoSkunk reviews


23 November 2019 at 20:48:31 MST

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