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If You Want To Use My Species, Read This by InvaderRos

My Species New Info  

 Okay, so I decided to let people use my species, Dragogs now. However, you MUST follow these rules. 

• You must ask me first, and I'll tell you if you are allowed to use them for that or if you should use something else.  

• You MUST credit me for the species. (This should be a given.) 

• If you want to make adoptables of them, I might let you, but we have to discuss it first. 

• You may not copy my characters exactly detail for detail. If you'd like to reference them, that's perfectly fine as long as you understand the difference between referencing and copying. 

• Please show me your work. You don't have to do this, but I'd love to see it. ^^ 

 Here's the basic information on Dragogs. (Yes, I have already have a page about them, but this is more organized and with the rules and everything.) 

 What they have: 

•Body of a dog. This can be any breed of dog or canine in general. The bodies can be either furry or scaly or even a combination in rare cases. They vary in size and shape depending on what type of canine it is. Females are typically slightly smaller than males. 

•Dragon like tail. The tails have spikes or a solid spike patch (the spikes connect), and like the bodies can be furry or scaly, or a combination in rare cases. Most of the time if the body is furry, the tail will be too, or if the body is scaly, so will the tail etc., but in rare cases it is different. The spikes on the tail may vary in shape, size and number. Tails vary in shape, size and thickness. Most Dragogs only have one tail, but in rare cases they have two and in even rarer cases, three. Females' tails tend to be more curly/curvy than the males'. 

• Horns. They can have either one row of horns or two, and the horns vary in length, shape, thickness, and texture. 

• Reptilian tongue

• Dragon like wings. Wings can vary in size, shape and design. They may or may not have spikes on their wings. 

• Canine ears. Ears can vary in shape and size depending on what type of canine it is. They can have spikes on their ears, but do not have to. Most only have two ears, but in rare cases they can have four. 


• Big round eyes. They can be either brown, blue, red, gold, green or in rare cases purple. Can be any shade of the listed colors.

• Canine muzzles. They can vary in shape and size depending on what type of canine it is. They can have a horn on their nose, but do not have to. 

• Long, fang like teeth that tend to stick out of their mouths. Females' teeth are slightly shorter than males'. 

•Big paws with long claws.

*Can have any markings, colors, extra spikes and knots etc.* 

*Can be given breasts if you choose.*

*They travel in packs of 6-10 Dragogs. Each pack has an Alfa male and an Alfa female.* 

What they do not have 

• Any color of eyes not mentioned. 

• More than three tails.

• More than two sets of ears.

 There's unlimited possibilities with everything else. 

  If you have any questions, ask me! :D

If You Want To Use My Species, Read This


19 July 2013 at 11:16:49 MDT

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