General Update by Simonov

First of all, I'd like to thank you guys for your support and to just remind you that you're awesome! Now for updates.

I'd like to start opening up for more commissions on more regular, but still limited, basis. Things are settling down a bit and I should be able to do so. Commissions will almost certainly take longer than before, possibly 2-3 weeks total rather than the 2-3 days of before. I've also raised prices a bit (only by about $3 across the board) and drop a few commission types that were either not particularly popular or seemed redundant.

I also wish to introduce you to the newest member of the family. Meet Edgar!

Edgar is a sweet little kitty that showed up at my parents' place not quite two weeks ago after somebody had dumped him out along the county road. He's a sweet little kitty who has had a rough start with life but now he'll get to enjoy the comfortable life of being a house cat. Edgar had his first vet visit Tuesday (which he handled quite well) and is scheduled to go back on the 25th for a booster and neutering. He also has a scratch on his eye that we've been treating and which will be more closely examined while he's sedated on his next vet visit.

To wrap things up, I plan to work a bit more on the fantasy settings (including introducing a few more factions) and to draw some more Armed Anthros pinups, especially as Thanksgiving break is coming very soon and Christmas break is not long after that.

General Update


14 November 2019 at 20:54:44 MST

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