Stuffing in the dark by aFilthySmutWriter Septia

Greetings, and welcome to Filthy Friday~.
It is Sep and Tia's favourite time of year, just before the snow falls. Perhaps it is strange that they would enjoy this time, as the toughest time for oknytt and other hidden folk to seclude themselves, with the leaves all fallen. Though, perhaps they enjoy the excitement~.
This week we have continue last week's story about the demonic encounter, how will the greedy fair?

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This week's story is found on Eka's Portal.
And it is also found on Furaffinity.
But it is not found on Fimfiction.

Wishing you all a Fantastic Filthy Friday, and a Wacky Weekend~.

Stuffing in the dark

aFilthySmutWriter Septia

8 November 2019 at 15:38:38 MST

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