Important Update by Hazel3

hiya i'm in hospital right now, got some serious stomach probs.. :< it's my first time too so i'm very scared and nervous, yesterday i was in tons of pain too, it was scary! ;^; i'm worried i might be dying too.. i'm having to try and face alot of fears right now including injections and the upcoming operation, yikes.. i'm terrified but wish me luck! >.<;

Update 19/11/2019: i'm back home with a stitched up stomach. it was a scary experience, but i guess what i been through was pretty brave! i'm a little bit braver than i was before, although i'm still very timid.. ^w^; but don't worry these stitches will eventually heal up :3 the problem and it's cause still remains unknown, it could be an undiscovered illness but i don't think i'm dying.. thanks for all the love and support everyone! it means a ton ^-^

please be nice on comments, don't be rude, if you're gonna be mean then don't bother commenting
thanks for reading!

Important Update


8 November 2019 at 05:26:37 MST

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    Hope you be well.

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      thanks.. ;w;

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    -hugs carefully- get well soon

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      thanks.. <=)

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        X3 no problem

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    Uh oh... I hope you get better soon!

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      thanks <=D

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    That's not good... I hope you get well though!

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      thanks <=)