Artist TOS or "Things not to do when asking me for art" by GuineaPigDan

Can you believe I've been online for ten years and yet I've never actually written an artist terms of service for myself? Due to recent events, I've decided to make one for myself. Here's a list of do's and do not's when commissioning me, as well as some frequently asked questions answered. Expect this list to be updated every once in a while.
WHAT? I DON'T DRAW ART FOR FREE? Sadly, this has to be explained to some people. Art takes time and skill, and we artists like to be compensated for our effort. Receiving "exposure," favorites or views in exchange does not pay the bills, so don't offer me those things. Please do not offer me dA points either. I don't accept those anymore. Do not haggle with me to change my prices. Do not bother me with "suggestions" that you would really like to see me draw, eg "how about you draw situation X or your characters doing X?" If you want to see me draw X so badly, then pay up and get a commission from me! I can accept payments over Paypal, and usually I like to send money requests before I start drawing. If you can only make a partial payment, eg pay half up front and then pay the other half after your next paycheck arrives or a similar situation, I can accommodate that. I can send you WIPs to let you know how the drawing is coming along and let you suggest changes or corrections.

-Art trades
I get asked about art trades occasionally, and all I can say is sometimes I'm open and sometimes I'm not. Usually not since I'm busy IRL, but feel free to ask me if I'm open once in a while. Sometimes you might get lucky. ;)

-Do not commission me to draw stolen characters
I'm including this because a week before Pacific Anthro Weekend 2019, someone tried to commission me to draw a dog character that I was unaware actually belonged to KaijuParty that was based on a deceased dog he once owned. Stupidly, I actually started to draw the commission before I learned the character had been stolen, and when I found out, I told the commissioner I was canceling their drawing. The commissioner went on to post a WIP of my sketch without my permission and without paying me, but thankfully their account is now banned. Seriously, art theft is not cool. Please respect the IP rights of artists. I wouldn't like it if someone drew Domino or any of my other characters in a way I didn't approve of, so I'm not going to do the same to other people's characters. So from now on, any commissions of stolen OCs will be rejected.

-Why don't you draw more female characters?
Every once in a while I will get comments or questions along these lines so I guess I'll address them here. Short answer, because I'm a man in a masculine body and that's what I see when I take photo refs or look at myself in the mirror. It's what I'm most familiar with. If you really want to see me draw artwork with female characters though, guess what? You can commission me! I have no restrictions on the types of characters I'll draw; male, female, trans, non-binary, gender fluid, and so on. Just please don't leave those types of comments on my art. It comes off really weird.

-Will you draw NSFW commissions?
It depends on the content. The only real restrictions I have are drawing cub porn, rape, urine or scat, or anything else really heinous or disgusting.

-Above all, don't be a jerk
Probably the most important guideline. If you're going to ask me for art or talk to me about something else, do be courteous and speak with me the way you might talk to a friend or a co-worker. Don't be insulting or name-call me. Don't berate me if I forget something. Don't come to me telling me I seem weird and asking if I'm mentally challenged. Don't add me as a friend and then suddenly unfriend me over and over for seemingly no reason or just to get my attention. Don't send me disgusting artwork like watersports or scat porn, especially if I've already asked you to stop. Overall, be respectful and don't do things that are unwarranted. Being rude to me makes me less likely to accept your commissions and more likely to block and ignore you.

Other random questions
-Do you RP?
-Can I draw your OCs/write stories about them?
Yes, as long as you're not putting them in porn, killing them, or anything else that would be disrespectful. Just remember to say the characters belong to me.
-Do you have a fursona?
No. I'm too indecisive to create one, so I don't bother. A lot of people mistakenly think Domino or Peter the cat are my fursonas. Domino is just the main character of my comics. And I had a fursuit head made of Peter as an homage to Garfield (my favorite cartoon character) and also because he wears clothes, meaning I don't have to pay for a whole suit. I did draw a Totodile-sona for myself once called "Totodan" in one drawing, but that was just for one drawing and was meant as a joke.

Artist TOS or "Things not to do when asking me for art"


7 November 2019 at 10:43:04 MST

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