Brief life update. 11-6-2019 by keirajo

As we creep up to the year 2020..........I'm trying to figure out ways to make my life easier. I actually bought a real-life planner. In it, I'm writing all the currently-known addresses of my friends/family/pen-pals in it--their birthdays if they're willing to tell me (most I know or know the birth month anyways). I'm going to try and be a better pen-pal next I've severely sucked in that way since my mom died. I did better until May...........and have not written back to my pen-pals since, who used to answer by the end of the week I'd receive a letter.

My long-time neighbor and elderly friend passed away the other day. It makes me sad I didn't get to really say good-bye to him and I'll miss both him and his dog. In nice weather, we'd sit outside our apartments and chat. We both took turns in winter shoveling our shared walkway in front of our apartments. But he was 78 and that was about how old my mom was and it was very similar circumstances (poor health/recovery after a heart attack). I've lived next door to him for nearly 20 years.

I'm currently working on my final "big project" piece. There will currently be no catch up of coloring older artwork or drawing anything new before I post this work. It ties in to something I plan to post in 2020 (though not on this site, as it's fiction).

"Pokemon Sword/Shield" come out in about a week, if anyone is still interested in it. They've pretty much capped the PokeDex around 400-ish Pokemon and now have so many ridiculous gimmicks that one wonders if it can really still be a "Pokemon game" or just a "game with Pokemon in it". I think GameFreak may need to learn the lesson that Sega (Sonic Team) learned when they burdened each new "Sonic" game with ridiculous gimmicks.

The 4th expansion of the "Transformers TCG" (Siege II: Mercenaries) comes out this Friday. I'm very excited about well as I will pick up my new pair of glasses then, too. I had my annual eye exam on Sunday and while my vision didn't really change, somehow I've gotten some miniscule scratches on my current pair. hmmm

Thanksgiving is nearly here, with Christmas after that. I put up my Christmas tree over the weekend, because.........after everything, I felt I needed some color and cheer. I hope whatever plans you have to round out the year 2019--they all go well for you! :D

Brief life update. 11-6-2019


6 November 2019 at 19:54:55 MST

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    You are a strong person, never forget that <3

    We don't really decorate for Christmas in this home. Though we put a fall themed wreath on the door, so I might update that to a Christmas themed one after Thanksgiving.

    As for the Pokemon games, I was terribly bored of the format they were using before. I am not following it too closely, but it seems like they are changing some core things though they are things that aren't going to effect most gameplay. I will be watching some friends play it and see if I want to pick it up myself. Get an excuse to use the Switch for a bit! But if it looks like "Pokemon but gimmick!" then I will pass this one like I did with Sun/Moon.

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      In all honesty.............I haven't completed a main series title since "Pokemon Black". I think "OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire" is the only exception, since it was a previously released game with upgrades. But all the "new region" games.........I haven't gotten to the end credits since I played "Pokemon Black". I don't think I got far in B2/W2 whatsoever (4th Gym badge at most?), same goes for Sun/Moon/USun/UMoon. X/Y, though--at least I made it to the Legendary Pokemon capture. Most of what I loved...........going out to fields and levelling up Pokemon...........has been removed from the series with EXP All and wild Pokemon giving decreasing amounts of EXP based on your highest Pokemon's levels. I'd go levelling up things in all games, no matter how old, until B/W changed that and X/Y gave you the EXP All. While that can be turned off, you can't adjust the decrease of EXP gotten in the fields.

      Now I go water flowers and talk incessantly to my townspeople in "Animal Crossing: New Leaf", go figure. XD

      Thanks............I try to be my best. :) Today we had mandated Health Insurance Meetings and United Way Donation forms. I'm filling out my UW form and everyone else in the room just handed blank forms back to the HR person. If you have a family--that I understand, you've got kids and stuff. But.........I don't know. As someone who grew up poor, I really know what a different "good deed doers" like United Way do for a community. And now that I can afford to be someone donating to those things--I feel I should give some child the opportunity someone else gave me when I was a child. My only "charity" should not be my sister. wry laugh I can afford to give $5-10 per paycheck and give some child a chance to read, to eat and to do better at school because they have clothes, coats and shoes to make their lives better.

      I like decorating--I decorated my desk for Halloween and everyone who passed my desk (with a candy bucket on it, naturally) smiled and chuckled--so, I felt my decoration made at least one small moment of happiness for my co-workers when they'd walk by. I'm trying to plan something unique for Christmas now, but Christmas decorating is actually a contest around here, soooooooooooo............ (I got second place, last year! XD)

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    The new snake Pokemon in Galar also makes me visibly ache in pain.

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      Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh. I was just reading a blurb today where they have in-game monetary things that you generally have in the Pokemon cellphone/mobile games, "crystals". Does this mean they're catering more to the mobile gaming community in the end, as opposed to the core Pokemon fans? One of my friends said a lot of people have cancelled their pre-orders now, given the direction of what they've heard about the game is going.

      We both kind of agreed that what GameFreak needs to do is take 2-3 years to do a quality game, instead of cranking something out every year.........or hand it over to another developer. Look at how great "Sonic Mania" was when Sega let someone else develop a "Sonic" game?

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    planning on putting up my tree in the living room soon. already got my mom her christmas present all i need is to get my room mate and my dogs something :D the year has been going by so quick :D

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      Yeah! It’s hard to believe it’s almost December! Soon it’ll be 2020! @_@

      I have one of those smaller pre-lighted trees, it’s a pink tree with white lights. :)

      Best of luck with your other preparations! :D

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        ty :D i have one of those smaller trees as well that i keep in my room :D makes it more easier :)

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          You're most welcome! :D