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A few days ago, I was on a field trip to some marine labs along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. The trip was very tiring and the drives were long. I would have read some books, but loud music being played made it too difficult to concentrate. The only functional laptop I have at the moment only has an hour of battery life, so I was left with some free time.

Being bored while wasting time is something I try to avoid so I made a list of ideas.

By the time I was finished, I had filled up three note cards front and back. I listed and sorted them in a txt file. For some reason this list felt very revealing. It was a new window that provides a glimpse of what kind of person I am at this point in my life.

I was a bit hesitant about posting this list given the revealing nature of it, but the internet has cast a magic spell on our culture making people more willing to share things about themselves. So I figure that it'll most likely be white noise about which I shouldn't worry.

List of ideas


--[education][sorting]double standard comparison site

--[site][data][education][citation]site for tracking and simple lookup of how much evidence is supporting things; like that "snake oil" info-graphic

--[site][motivational]things to be thankful for site?

--[data][sorting]catalog site for: statistics, other catalog sites, tools/useful programs

--[site][reviews] based off of comparing tastes; "others that liked this" network model

--[site][data][sorting][linguistics]negative- positive tracking thesaurus; euphemism listing

-simple self education sites:

--[education][site]legal agreement simplifier

--[education][site]copyright, trademark, creative commons etc; comparison and explanations

--[education][site]laws and politics simplified; educational website

--[site][education][listing][sorting]closed forum to FAQ translator; site for these FAQs with links

--[education][collaboration]what makes simple and effective self education sites? maybe have a community site figure this out in some forums.

--[education][sorting]free online tutorial/education catalog site.

Collaboration websites:

--[site][school][collaborative][review]anonymous professor/authority review site; suggestions and tactics for taking their classes

--[site][school][collaborative] study buddy finder site? study buddy program for students in the same class

--[site][school][collaborative] note sharing/archiving site; goals; sharing, simplifying, explaining, memorizing

--[collaboration][site][productivity]idea sharing + talent finding community site

--[site][productivity][collaboration] project buddy site with calendars and goals


--[site][collaborative][productivity]collaborative site for listing and sharing programs that need updated or made for others systems

--[site][collaborative]suggestion poll site company and google together to make a Google GPS

--[site][collaborative][linguistics] lexical gap listing site; multiple languages

Program ideas:

--[program][minecraft]minecraft seed translator: numbers to words

--[minecraft]minecraft schematic gallery like roller coaster tycoon, file previews

--[program]calendar program that runs/opens programs/website at predetermined times.

--[program]smart fridge software

--[program][skepticism][citation]direct citation tracking specific to the sentence of source. Format that keeps this as metadata for text.

--[program]flowchart creation and explorer program.

--[program]3d model stability tester program

--[program]offline art gallery; igal file

--[program]program that systematically copies and pastes stuff from any specified source or series of pages

--Program or site that allows posting to multiple places by detecting and filling similar parameters; exceptions customizable.

--[data][biology][program]project pokedex- species identification via camera

--[program][plugin][sorting]plugin or browser extension that gives youtube a circle system

Data stuff:

--[data][sorting][education]forecast + timeline + dynamic mapping of: weather, weather on other planets, market trends, ideologies, religions, wildlife populations/migrations, economy?

--[data][timeline]timeline of company success and fads

--[site][data][biology]endangered species database with dynamic maps

--[site][data][biology]united wildlife tracking site

--[site][sorting][data][music] advanced music sorting and classifying site; include mood and instruments used

--[site][data][linguistics] accent: mapper, trainer, comparing

--[data][linguistics]etymology translator + word creator

--[biology][sorting][data]two taxonomy systems with names for each. One for evolutionary history and one for simple identification

--[measurement][data] measurement unit for sharpness

--[measurement][sound][data][program]program that determines and records decibel levels

--[measurement][sound][data]measurement of decibel ranges

--[measurement][sound][data]decibel level and range standards

--[measurement][sound][data]new volume systems: "overall decibel levels" "decibel ranges"


This tells me a few things about myself.

I have a peculiar desire to list, measure, sort, and catalog things.

I have faith in good people with lots of spare time like those that made Wikipedia what it currently is.

I also like the idea of throwing ideas at those people hoping some will be brought to life.

I like trivial statistics and have a fondness for novelty.

I enjoy making little tasks in life simpler despite how difficult and time consuming the road to the solution may be.

Calling me a "nerd" would win you a free slap in the face from superhero, Captain Obvious.

Long journal about a bunch of ideas


13 July 2013 at 11:22:02 MDT

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