Sock Paws anyone? by Porsche

So after this years AC rush, I've finally dove over the cliff and overcame my fears of opening up commissions for wearable fur things. I'll be starting out very slow (babysteps) then as I become more comfortable and at peace with my ability (and of course based off customer satisfaction) I'll be taking on more orders.

To start things off, I'll be doing simple things like Sock Paws which are relatively inexpensive (depending on what materials you want me to use) and have the ability of a fast turn-around.

I guess this is me in a pathetic attempt for motivational cheer but if anyone is interested, let it be known in the comments. I'll also be looking for models too; yes, someone to pose in these things to show them off in action.

Sock Paws anyone?


11 July 2013 at 12:45:14 MDT

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    oooh sounds pretty cool. I would love to see an example if you got one =3

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      None yet but expect something some time next week once I get home

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        cool, can't wait. hope you find a model to your liking ^^

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          Weeeeell, if ye are interested ye can be a model for them. Ja its basically for show casing and advertising purposes but you get the product for free.

          If its something ye would like to know more about just PM me and we can discuss more there

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            lol I doubt I'd make a good model, besides no working camera -w-

            though the prospect of free stuff makes me wanna do it X3

            maye if I find a way to get that old camera working lol until then hope you find a good model =3