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Radioactive Snake Dream... by Taesolieroy

What comes to mind when you hear this 'business' name for an artist? A couple have heard the backstory as to why this coinage of words, but I want to know from you guys, the rest of my watchers, what you think of it?

Ever since I discovered that there's a museum called DragonDreams I've been casting around for alternate names that won't set me as a 100% dragon artist, which I'm trying to expand my gallery portfolio with other species if you will, to show i do more than just 'dragons' :C

The name first came from the idea of doing a series of snake dreamcatcher shirt designs that I could possibly print, then the thought kind of evolved beyond that.

If I am able to clear up the time to work on said project (after everything else of course, including those free 'badge' tests I called out for last year), I'll certainly work on several Radioactive Snake Dream shirts with various species of snakes and morphs. I certainly won't forget the other reptillians too! Lizards, turtles, crocodillians, and amphibians will be included too depending on the demand.

If you were to have a designed shirt of a radioactive dreamcatcher snake/reptile, what morph/breed/species do you want to see most be produced as a shirt design?

List currently-

Species | Morph/breed (if applicable) | # of votes/requests



Other Reptiles-


How's 4th of July going for everyone else in America? Mine's been a very wet and rainy day full of work and customers. My feet are killing me and I hear small fireworks going off in the distance. Folks are in South Carolina living up their second vacation week in the last two months, and insisted I come up on Saturday to launch off some small rockets, but they did not write directions to get there down as requested and I have to work early the next day - so oh well :/ No milk or other dinner stuff in the house because I haven't been able to get to the store with having to work all week, and I'm not particularly desiring a dinner of pancakes or mcdonalds two nights in a row.. but that's what I'm down to right now as there's not even milk or soups...

... barghle...

Radioactive Snake Dream...


4 July 2013 at 19:04:26 MDT

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