Commissions Closed! Offering Preliminary Quotes! by The Critter Factory

Posted by Ripner,

Hello, commissions are now officially closed as we have filled the slots we had open. Although commissions are closed we will reopen our quote form, located here:\#gid=0 if you'd like to get an approximate price on what your suit would cost.

The advantage to this is that it gives you time to plan and save for next time commissions open. These quotes will only be approximate, and new quotes will need to be submitted when commissions actually open as prices may change in the interim.

Another advantage to receiving a quote now, is you will be added to an e-mail notification list to receive immediate notice when we open commissions again ahead of when we post the notice on our various websites.

We are also always happy to answer your questions, either at my e-mail ripnertcf AT or our quotes e-mail tcfquotes AT

Thank you and keep an eye on all of our web sites.


Commissions Closed! Offering Preliminary Quotes!

The Critter Factory

17 June 2013 at 15:35:23 MDT

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