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Phallus Pal doll jumpstart by NimbleBun

I feel bad for neglecting this site and I figured if I'm never on it hardly, I'll never grow an audience. So here we go!

I do offer Jumpstart doll projects from time to time. Its based on a pre-set design and I take investors to help pay for materials. This is honestly the cheapest way to get an art doll.

I am open for the Phallus Pal art doll. I have 2 slots remaining. A slot for one Phallus Pal is $50. Not including shipping. Shipping is paid when your doll is ready to ship. These dolls do not have pre-set deadlines nor will I work on a deadline to get them done for, lets say, someones bday or a holiday. I want these to be the best design possible and working on a time-line would seriously cripple the outcome. So be sure you're okay on waiting a month or more for completion. But, since the sculpts for this doll are done, the time frame is withing a month. Any fabrics that I need to buy because you asked for a color I do not already have, I will need to charge for that and that will also add to the wait time. So i highly recommend you accept what colors I have available.

Shipping costs

US: $13

Canada: $15

UK: $27

There are no reimbursements. The money goes right into buying materials for casting. So be sure you are 100% okay with a penis art doll laying around your home. I will not knowingly sell these to minors because this is for mature audiences.

The sculpts are completed for this art doll, please view Phallus Pal sculpt thats in my gallery

a completed art doll is estimated to sit 5" tall. Though, based upon previous art doll experiences, these things tend to go a little larger than the estimated size. More bang for your buck! These dolls are 100% customizable for colors. So you can pick what color combos you want to further personalize your doll.

I do not offer payment plans unless you intend to buy the remaining two slots. Please do not ask to reserve a spot because I don't want someone else to be discouraged and then end up not even being able to honor the reserved spot because that person decided to back out (or disappear which is usually the common thing). Sorry, this is my stern way of saying serious investors only ^_^

Paypal only, all my materials are purchased online.

This offer will expire when I get my last two investors OR some commission money goes through and I can pay for it that way. A regular priced Phallus Pal will be $80+

Phallus Pal doll jumpstart


16 June 2013 at 12:45:49 MDT

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