I am here by Nightprony

I am the Night Prony. I once was on FA, but grew tired of judgement, even there, from admins and such. So here I am, in a much nicer place I see.

I draw mostly things of an interesting nature as you can see.

I have another account for clean work, but will not share it here, but if you a similarity in style somewhere else with clean work it may be me. Know that, if you have questions, just ask.

I do not role play, do not ask. I do not do requests, there is always too much work to be done. I do however do commissions if you are interested the prices are on the page.

I do hope you find this page very entertaining indeed.

I am here


9 June 2013 at 18:35:17 MDT

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    Yeah, I really dislike FA as well, for the exact same reasons. The only reason I go there is to publicize things. xD

    But why won't you share your clean pa- Ohh, you're keeping it separate eh? Yeah, I've noticed that the two draw polar opposite crowds, and people start judging you if you draw the smallest smidgin of porn... ._. Can you PM me your clean art account, I'd like to see it! NULL

    Well, welcome to Weasyl, hope you enjoy it here! NULL