Last round of commissions with the Wheel by Zaezar

This is the last round of commissions before the wheel is gone! The details at the end here. But as a heads up, the "special" commission options (Stickers, Pinatafications, Animated icons, and Character Studies to name a few) are all not available. This post got too long, and I want to focus on the wheel. They ARE options for you if you want to go to my previous journals and see them, but they are not eligible for the wheel discounts. Look upon the wheel yourself

Important things:
-Comment below with what you want and how many of them to claim a spot!
-I am opening these up across the art sites I frequent, so Weasyl, Deviantart, and Furaffinity.
-My Terms of Service. Please read before picking up a slot!
-Once you claim a spot, You have 1 hour after I respond to send payment. If the time lapses and you seem to not be interested I am giving your spot to the next in the line!
-There is a 25% charge for characters that will take me a much longer time to complete. You can always ask if your character counts for this or not.
-My current commission queue

"Open ended commissions" Prices listed are for Fullbody - Halfbody - Headshot

Colored Sketches $25-17-13
Rough, but charming

Flats $34-27-22
No shading? No problem!

Shaded $42-34-27
These are the good ones.

They price of a character at whatever detail you picked.

Character References
Actual refs. I work with no images, too!
For pricing info and examples click here.

This is how the October commissions are going to go by the way. You get three choices, three wheels, three fates. You can choose to spin the Discount Wheel, the SFW Pinstripes Wheel, or the NSFW Pinstripes Wheel.

  • The Discount wheel is what it sounds like. You get a set discount based on what you spin (the exact numbers later in this post) You get your choice of whatever you would normally order and Pinstripes spins the wheel before you pay. The result is what we take off of your total. You get all the control of the finished art but don't get much of a discount for it.
  • Pinstripes has the interesting wheels. Both the SFW and NSFW wheels have a set discount that is higher then the average of the previous wheel. You contact me with the character and quality you want, and then we spin the wheel to see what we do with the character in question. They are all vague. Are you left wanting?

If you, for some reason, DENY what the wheel spins for you... Then not only is your specific commission voided and you are banned from the wheel but you have to pay an extra 25% on top of any commissions for the remainder of the month. Spin the wheel with caution and be willing to accept your fate~

Okay, now for hard numbers and explanations. If you have any questions then you can comment below and I will answer them there. Best to keep it open for others to get some info themselves if they are confused (there's a lot here I know.)

  • The discount wheel has on it 10 options: 5%, 5%, 5%, 5%, 5%, 5%, 10%, 10%, 15%, and 25%.
  • The SFW Wheel has on it 10 options and all come with a 15% discount: Candified, Kaiju, Piñata, Sleepless, Kigarumi (Artists Choice), Demonic, Glitch, Shadow, Feeling Witchy, and Intoxicated.
  • The NSFW Wheel has 10 options and all come with a 15% discount: Jawless, Headshot, Pins & Needles, Azzle's Show, Candy Gore, Addict, Zombified, Mushrooms, Splattered, and Wendigo.

LASTLY. Some options here have left some people confused. It's not in Pinstripes' nature to let you be totally in the dark about what you are going into, so let me give some context to the options.

  • NSFW doesn't mean nude, it doesn't mean gore, it doesn't mean any particular thing. Just that it's going to have elements of the drawing that make me have to label it as mature.
  • You can get any level of quality for the wheels. This includes from the colored sketch headshot level all the way up to a multiple character fullbody with shading a and a background. There will be no "specials" section for this month's commissions. Simply put, it's complex enough as is. Coupled with these discounts wouldn't have worked for them anyways sooo.
  • The themes are left vague so that if multiple people spin the same thing I can still make the art feel unique by approaching the theme differently. It's very much left hands-off from the commissioner so don't get too excited if you land on something that someone else got and want to see a repeat of it for yourself.
  • Azzle's Show references my character "Azzle" who runs a macabre circus. Her shows are FANTASTIC but have a 50% mortality rate. However it's something worth dying for. She always has a full house.
  • Candy Gore is like gore but your internals are either bright and fun or made of candy (Think fluorescent blue goo for blood.). Often times the character getting opened is just having a great time doing so.
  • Wendigo most likely going to be the "Until Dawn" (Video Game) style. But doesn't exclude the original Native aesthetic or the malicious spirit cryptic styles.
  • Kaiju is more of the "Pacific Rim" style but doesn't exclude giant monster styles in general.
  • Kigarumi is simply a hooded fullbody piece of clothing stylized like another character or IP. While this may be Artist's Choice, I still might ask you if there are any preferences you might have. EX; Pokemon, other characters, monsters in general.

The wheels are spun in my stream if I am able to, btw. I actually have a wheel to spin there! Otherwise I spin the wheel myself here. I can send you the image of the wheel if you want, or just inform you. Your call.

Leave a comment below to claim a spot if you want a drawing! I will note you payment info and ask for reference information too :)

Available slots this round: I will limit if I get a couple of large ones. Don't want them stretching past Halloween!

Slot 1- Ashtrek on FA - Character Study

Slot 2- Ashtrek on FA - Halfbody Colored Sketch

Slot 3- Gophermeeps on FA - Fullbody Flat

Slot 4-

Slot 5-

You can also support me on Patreon for wallpapers, headshots, and even fullbody commissions every month!

Last round of commissions with the Wheel


27 October 2019 at 09:24:49 MDT

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