Going to be briefly opening for commissions! by Sheela

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Cyanide and I are almost done with the 8th hot as hell comics, and after it's up for sale we'll be taking some time to make a new patch of storyboards for the webcomic, maybe some short free comics and more Hot as Hell comics.

During that time, I'll be taking commissions publicly for the first time in I wanna say 5 years? Possibly longer, I can't remember the last time I was publicly open.

In order to get your chance at having your commission picked (just like we used to do with the commission journals) all you have to do is submit your idea on my PoiZen page. It functions much the same way as the old comment journal did, only it's private (so if you want to say anonymous you can) and I can keep track of everything a lot better on there.

So head on over and submit your ideas! Pricing can be found over there as well as my terms of service.


Going to be briefly opening for commissions!


20 October 2019 at 15:47:15 MDT

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