Round 1 Day 2 Results by FHL

Here are your Draft Results for the Round 1 Day 2

10/10 LEX - Krystal Lawrence, F

11/11 HST - Fire Otter, D

12/12 STL - Red, D

13/13 NWF - Jordan Rinehart, F

14/14 JVG - Kev Terrance, C

15/15 PLR - Kinta O'Connor, D

16/16 BAL - Kay Malise, D

17/17 SLC - Rock Hiller, D

18/18 ERE(Late) - Zephyr, LW

A couple bits of news and notes for the day.

  1. Due to a missed error with the 10-2 limits for the draft, Omaha was accidentally allowed to pick a third goalie. As the limit is it effect, the Stampeders were asked to make a repick. Due to this, the first round draft pick for Omaha is to be Centerman Panic Nawt in place of Goalie Polariz.
  2. On Friday before the Draft, a pick trade was completed between Saskatoon and Raleigh. The Ice Cats traded their 41st pick to the Prairie Dogs for Saskatoons 45th pick. The deal had no other items to it, and was approved as is by Commissioners.
  3. Erie did not have their pick in at the deadline, and thus was passed from Pick 15 to PIck 18.

As always up to day results are available here:

Round 1 Day 2 Results


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