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Has anyone else on Weasyl noticed some thing strange? by TheOtherEliArts2001

Has anyone noticed this weird trend on this site that usually involves the plagiarism of someone else's work?

What usually happens is, users on this site will upload someone else's art-work from a different artsite, but underneath the image will have link to some movie-watching website, usually to watch movies that have recently come out. This trend has been going on for years, usually showing in the thumbnail what movie it is supposedly linking to. But has only recently evolved into this new tactic of using other people's work as a way of hiding their manner of "advertisement" as it would seem.

So there's no way I'm the only one who's noticed it. I must say, it's pretty sneaky. But it's annoying. All I want to do is view good artwork done by real people, and I'm instead seeing this sort of thing happen.

When I can tell that the artwork in question is not theirs, considering that each and everyone of their submissions have a drastically different art style from each other, I feel disappointed on the inside. I genuinely want to view original artwork done by their respective owners, that way I can see their own passion and talent put into it and admire it. It's also because I'm an artist myself, and I know that putting effort into your own work means everything when making an art piece. So viewing art is also a relate-able experience for me.

It's just starting to get a little annoying here. And I've noticed that it's also getting worse, as more and more users are doing it. And I don't even know who's art is truly original anymore. I also don't know if anything can be done about it, but I'm mostly wondering if anyone else on this site have noticed the same thing.

I know this wasn't an update, but I just felt like I needed to make mention of this.

Has anyone else on Weasyl noticed some thing strange?


17 October 2019 at 11:01:37 MDT

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    That's mainly been bots trying to push links from what I've seen. Doesn't make it not frustrating, though.

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    all you can do is report the fuck out of them until the staff who are left take notice and bother to do anything about them.

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      I've reported people on a few occasions before.

      The first time I did it was for a similar reason to what I'm describing up above, except the user in question had instead posted pornographic images (likely from other websites) without even using a mature content filter. But other than that, I usually am very hesitant to report people, as I don't want to try and "police" people on the internet. And I usually try not to get involved in something that could become a potential conflict.

      However, the most recent time I noticed someone plagiarizing someone else's work for false advertisement, I had reported them. I might do it again, if it can get the owners of this site to become more aware of them. But, I may not do it very often, as like I said, I don't like the idea of policing people online.

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        The only way staff can see the spam bots is if they are reported. They are bots, your not policing anybody.

        And the only way staff can take action against someone who has violated Weasyls ToS and Guidelines is if you report them. Otherwise nothing will be done.

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          You have a fair point, so I see what you mean. I guess I never really suspected if there really were any "individuals" behind these accounts. But it seems these bots are getting smarter, and finding new ways to stick their false advertisement in places they don't belong.

          Anyways, I'll heed your advice. Thank you for your input.