Whoops! Time Management Strikes Again! by SonicSpirit

Yeah, not gonna be able to get comic done this weekend, I hecked up my time management for my submission for this quarter's FetZine, so whoops! New Normal page 14 will go up on Patreon this coming weekend (October 19-20) as normal! Heh, "normal".

Elsewise, I'm going to try slightly altering comic rotation in the coming weeks. I had been going on a Thus Spake, New Normal, Thus Spake again, then Anything But Ordinary, then repeat rotation, but I'm gonna try Thus Spake, New Normal, Anything But Ordinary, then back to the top. We'll see how it goes. Most Thus Spake weeks are slightly less labor intensive, so IDK. Also, my scenes for It Doesn't Matter seem to be getting shafted, so I'm kinda considering plopping it properly into the rotation. I don't like the idea of each project only getting its update once per month, but also, I'm only one dude and life is a thing. IDK, let me know what you think!

Whoops! Time Management Strikes Again!


12 October 2019 at 11:38:44 MDT

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