October Slavestreams OPEN by Nommz

Form for slavestreams is open! Check it out here: https://nommz.youcanbook.me/

Follow the link above and navigate to the times you would like to book, using the arrows to go to a different week. If you'd like to book multiple hours on several days, you'll have to do this a couple times. Select your hours and fill out all relevant information, then submit the form. Once it is booked, I will need to manually approve your slot, and it will send you a confirmation email notifying you of such. From there, you simply have to respond to that email with your plans for your stream - details for the images, a general theme, or even just "I'll give you the image ideas in-stream". Just need to confirm that you're still interested in the slot! If you don't confirm the slot by the Sunday prior to your stream, it will be cancelled; all additional time slots in a week are blocked off on Sunday. We'll discuss any important details or questions, and I'll send you an invoice. That needs to be paid before the stream, as well! You or a friend needs to be present during the whole stream for guidance. Grab a time that works best for you! The corresponding times are from October 14th to November 1st, from 7pm - 1am EST on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

1 hour streams are a special order. They're only available for folks looking to upgrade/color/shade or finish previous work, if desired. If you want a single hour slavestream, please send me an email with the time you'd like to book.

If I've forgotten anything, or you have ANY questions at all, feel free to comment, note, or email me! If you don't receive an email regarding the stream, let me know!

October Slavestreams OPEN


9 October 2019 at 15:00:33 MDT

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