*holds back laughter* by keirajo

Is that the way Nintendo's going to try and get more people to pre-order "Shield" then...............their fluffy, pastel rainbow Ponyta? How come it doesn't get a new name like "Sir'fetched"? Does this mean that Galar Ponyta doesn't evolve into Rapidash--even though "Rapidash" sounds were heard in the forest livestream?

What if it evolves into a form with wings rather than a horn? hmmmm And how will they fit a shield into this--that really fluffy mane? XD

I'm not sure how it is nationwide, but the last few times I've gone to my GameStop they've said hardly anyone's been pre-ordering Shield. Is this Nintendo's response and why we've seen barely ANY new reveals for the game? They're so "unfinished" with it they're eying the pre-order numbers and then put out responses to hype one version or another?

And why HAVEN'T we seen the next evolution of the Starter Pokemon by now. We're just about a month out from the release of the game and most of our "new Pokemon" reveals have been old region Pokemon added to the game, in their regular forme or their Galar forme. This rather disturbs me that there's so little interest in the Starters for any new Pokemon game--they were revealed and that's that? The Starter Pokemon and the Legendaries are supposed to be the core pillars of any Pokemon game............. hmmmmm

*holds back laughter*


9 October 2019 at 07:00:58 MDT

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    That's quite awkward! XD

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      I'm just waiting for the release date and then Nintendo says "Oh, we're technically not finished with the game--we'll give you the rest as DLC later, when you reach a certain point!" XD

      This has been the worst hyped of all the Pokemon games there's ever been so far.............I have no enthusiasm to play it. I'll go replay "Soul Silver" or "Platinum"! XD

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        To each their own.

        At least it isn't as bad, as those dumb social games, or idle clickers!

        Those are a TOTAL waste of time!

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    Honestly the lack of content we've seen on the title might be a response to the fact that a lot of people (me included) felt like they revealed the entire game before we got a chance to play. Like, I went into X, Y avoiding literally everything I could and was much MUCH happier as a result. Like discovering a new pokemon is something you only do once, you know?

    Then again, its a new platform with new tech in a new way. So its just as likely that they are finishing the game up as we speak. I know its not uncommon AT ALL to have people working on the game the night prior to full release, making that day 1 patch content and fixes.

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      It still worries me a little bit that what little we’ve heard focuses on the multiplayer aspect, too. Will there be any single-player enjoyment? “Home” doesn’t come out until later, so you can’t trade right away.......unless they have a way of doing local wireless trades? Because they said “Home” would be the trade hub. There’s a lot they could tell us about the game to get interest and not just do Pokémon reveals either........I’d like to know more gameplay aspect as well! :)

      As a game player, I think I would much rather have seen them work on this new game for a couple of years........I feel like everything’s been rushed through since X/Y! If they did that, maybe they could even add a difficulty setting......since in recent years they’ve dumbed down the game to entice new players. Now I hear they’re basically taking IVs out of the equation—and that’s what hardcore players used for competitive battles. It’s nice to make something everyone can pick up, but taking away my joy of leveling up out in the fields (less EXP the higher your level) has made me less enthusiastic about training Pokémon since X/Y. XD