Interested in Adopts? by NightWolf714

So, I really love making character designs. Even back when I was a young 'un I would consider myself a background character artist because I kept coming up with random, one shot characters with backstories and stuff. I find it really fun!

I also really like the idea of making a bit of spending cash, lol~

So I was thinking about doing some adoptables. I've tried it before a bit with little luck, but that was before the big adopt boom and ... well, my old artwork hurts a bit to look at. >_>;;;; I have a base idea I like that I want to finalize, and adding different elements to be able to turn it into different types of creatures and stuff.

Here's the sketch I've got that I'm thinking about using: sketch

Thoughts and opinions? Are you interested in adopts? Do you like the sketch for an adopt? Are you more interested in mystery adopts (I'd give a few hints about it, though) or just normal adopts? What kind of price point would you be interested in? Is there an interest in the base itself once it's finished up for others to color in?

Thanks in advance! I may end up finishing the base anyways, even if just for my own characters, lol.

Interested in Adopts?


9 October 2019 at 00:14:08 MDT

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