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No Story today by Assilsasta

I know I said I was going to try and post my new stories on Mondays, but this week things kind of got side tracked on that. And I am sorry about that.

First things first. The story is tarring out to be a bit longer than I had originally thought, nearly 20k+ words, and I still have things that are part of this story. A long time ago I stopped limiting my chapter sizes, which were around 2k words. After that the quickly expanded to 10k+ words, with a few specials that were up to 50k. This simple fact is, the story I am contently working on is The Forest Through the trees, and each chapter is themed based on Ogham. With that in mind, It might be another week before it is done.

Second, I have been working on building and migrating to a private cloud for my writing and collaboration. Over the past two years we have seen a lot of issues with Privacy and security in the publicly available services. I have been using Google Docs fora long time now, but I feel it is time that I really need to get away from this and bring more things in house as We move forward with our publishing and printing efforts.

I have finally gotten the least few pieces in place to bring my private could online and have the full collaboration functions available. I spend a good portion of this weekend migrating and backing up a lot of my old stories and art to the new cloud server. In the future I will be looking at using it as my primary place for my WIPs and collaborations.

So I am going to past a Art WIP. I will update this as I work on it. But just to keep things in reality, I have nerve damage in both arms and have not done real art in many years. So it may take a while and will likely no look all that good as I progress.


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No Story today


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