New SFW accounts by MetalAura

So I know I already made SFW accounts but honestly the old name of TallyLabs wasn't sitting with me and the longer I thought about it, the longer I disliked it. It was spur of the moment for the sake of making the SFW accounts, so I didn't quite think on the name. Then months later I ended up taking some time to actually sit down and find a better name that I liked and was somewhat related to my current account MetalAura with also sounding like it's own thing. That's when I settled with AuraBomb.

I haven't got around to posting on any of my accounts in the past few months, though. So, I'll be doing so within the following week with older art I've had done during my long hiatus along with new stuff I've been drawing.

That being said I'll be deleting my older SFW accounts (except possibly the twitter one for simply retweets, but i'm mulling it over).

That leaves my current account MetalAura for being used for NSFW and suggestive and pretty lewd things I feel shouldn't be on my SFW accounts. There will still mayhaps be some questionable stuff as I'll still be drawing big breasts and the like, but overall it should be fine enough to establish two different aliases to separate my porn and safe art so people who don't want to see NSFW can breathe easy.

Now enough rambling. Here's the links to my new SFW accounts.


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New SFW accounts


19 September 2019 at 01:27:07 MDT

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