This Child Be Sick by ThatOneOverthinker

Yes she be. |'D

Tho this update is a day late, cause I'm good at this~

...But isn't it just AMAZING when the entire rest of the household gets horrifically sick, spanning nearly a full month combined, yet you are safe...Yet right at the end when everyone else is feeling fine, you get punched in the face by said sickness.
It turns out I was NOT exempt, tho I wish I was. X'D

On top of that, it is TOM HELL WEEK (My girls, you know exactly what I mean) so dis be a double-whammy.

I am going to hate my very existence for the coming week or so.
Of freaking course this is how it happens to me. X'D

Besides that tho-- I am making strides~ !
Steadily I am redesigning my website, working on some other projects AND getting some nice little necklaces and stuff churned out~
That ties into the fact that I am moving my store to a different place-- and will be sharing said store with my Mother, as we will be combining our products and selling it in one store~
I shall GLADLY update some links and whatnot, and likely link here too, once we officially have it up and running~

BUT YEA progress is happening, even when I am dying. XD
Toodles folks, have a great day/night!

This Child Be Sick


17 September 2019 at 09:58:10 MDT

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