▲🌱OC meme: STory/Design regrets by Uluri

The Meme: https://twitter.com/shuttlefrog/status/1165430814009479168

Well I forgot a promt, so I'l ldo it today and another one in another journal. Today's prompt is STory or Design regrets. I have some.

Uluri as a Fox: https://ulurifox.wixsite.com/uluri/uluri
Do you know what my favorite creatures are? Things with scales, and rabbits, and monsters. Do you know why Uluri is a fox? No rason at all. None. I like long, thin tails and membrane wings. I like teeth so much. I like claws so very much.

This is why Uluri has gained so many forms, because Uluri is not how I want them to be still, even now. Yes, even now. Uluri's grown and developed in so many different ways. The closest that feels most comfortable is beast form, and even that is still developing. Uluri's design is really hard to not be fluffy, and I've never been able to make Uluri into something I really liked other than that beast form.

Now, I love them as they are. I do. I really do enjoy what I make and how I've made them, but there is just that Lingering... feeling that I don't have the thing I want from my own sona. To the point that declaring Uluri a slime had given me such relief that it really put things into perspective how much this has bothered me over the years.

Why isn't Uluri X, why is this Y? Why is it so hard to fix it?

▲🌱OC meme: STory/Design regrets


12 September 2019 at 06:57:42 MDT

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    As a Fox or Coyote, though, might support the role that Uluri plays in your universes, too--so maybe it was a primal urge that made you choose a Fox? :)