Move Sucessful*, Still Settling and Adjusting by Mykell Wildfire

Hiyas, peeps!

It's been awhile since I've posted anything anywhere, and I appologize. Moving for both myself and rawz_the_tiger was fairly straigtforward and we continue to work and adjust to the new place. Moving the rest of the house to a storage unit at the last minute was stressful and exhausting. Despite completing everything and being out of the legal woods, I still feel a bit crap about certain aspects. Over the course of a month, we couldn't find a more suitible house to rent. I know my father had a place to go if we didn't find something, but our other roomie was kinda getting the short end of the stick. I want so bad to write my thoughts about it, but it might not be appropriate.

tl;dr, as much as I maintain the end results were not entirely my fault, I still feel bad about it. We just ran out of options in the end. A combination of time and lack of good credit scores seriously limited our options and Rawz and I had to settle for our current location. It's not bad, but issues have been cropping up that really shine a light on the "compromises" we ended up having to make by coming here. Again, there are too many issues to really list, but I really don't think we will stay here beyond a year unless things DRASTICALLY improve.

Not sure what else to put down at the moment. We just been trying to adjust as best we can. It took much longer to get internet up and running here due to landlord+property manager incompetence (who think wireless router signal == internet access, even though the existing internet account was suspended for non-payment). We got just about everything up and running, though I do need to invest in a better router. My existing one is rather old and won't be great for the rest of the household (everyone else in the house chips in to me for net access). A new issue I just discovered: Because of how old the house and the wiring is (built around 1900), when the A/C unit kicks on, it causes the lights to flicker and the modem to reset. Won't be an issue soon cause of the coming fall, but summertime will be an issue.

Got work tonight and praying the new insoles for my shoes will keep my legs from being junk and making me miserable halfway thru the shift. Doesn't help that things have changed again to make our jobs even more difficult (what was the expectation of doing 11 hours worth of work in 10 has turned to 12 in 10). And I still struggle to get myself to do anything useful between shifts, being too afraid of using up my energy and becoming tired at work which leads to slowing down and finishing up late and so on. I used to go in earlier than normal so I could finish early and have downtime at the end of the shift. After returning from surgery recovery, I don't go in nearly as early, but the changes and how the cafe works and runs means working the whole way thru on my feet with no break and usually not finishing quite in time anyway.

I really need to find another job, but my qualifications aren't the greatest and anything I could find would mean a significant paycut which I can't afford to take, especially now. For now, I pretty much have to settle for being sore, miserable and useless for 4 out of the 7 days of the week.

Ok, I'm gonna end this rambe here. Kinda losing focus and wanting to go on tangants. I've got a couple pics that need to go up that have been sitting for some time. If not tonight, then hopefully tomorrow. As for writing... I really don't know. I just have been failing to find the time and motivation for so long now. I get an urge to write something, get a bit of work done on it and then lose it for the foreseeable future. It's depressing to say the least. I can only hope when the last bits get finished up in the new place that I might find more time, but I think as long as my job is as long, stressful and draining as it currently is, I'm gonna continue to struggle to find time and motivation. I really hope that doesn't remain the case.

See what I mean? Instant tangent. Alright, I'm off for now. Catch everyone next time. ^^

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Move Sucessful*, Still Settling and Adjusting

Mykell Wildfire

11 September 2019 at 15:54:12 MDT

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