T r a d e ? A n y b o d y ? by sinisternoodles

I wanna draw somethin' edgy, but don't wanna draw my own OCs. I'm willing to do a trade or something! Just know Imma try to make it a b i t creepy

But yeah! Message or comment, I don't rlly care TBH. Just wanna draw somethin'

T r a d e ? A n y b o d y ?


9 September 2019 at 14:28:43 MDT

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    I'm up for a trade if you want!

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      Sure I'd love to! You can tell me here or we can take it to the notes. Whatever you prefer, m8

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    Hiya there. I like doing trades as practice arts, so everyone can get free reign.

    I dont realy have many oc that work with edgy. Sin can, and probably uluri but uluri is heck tons bright colored for a monster so it can be difficult. One's a candle. All of my main oc are rated for gore except zozo.

    What are your OCs ratings?

    My ocs: https://ulurifox.wixsite.com/uluri/characters

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      Hmm, I love all your OCs! I think drawing Sin would be really fun. Especially because I’ve been practicing with a lot of humans ‘n such. But TBH, I can usually find a way to draw a character edgy despite colors.

      And oh, hmm... I’m good with gore for all of ‘em. Though the age restrictions here make it so I can’t exactly see gore. So in that case they’re all allowed as much blood without having to change the rating higher than general lol. But yea! I dunno, sorry if that’s confusing-