Ah, technology..........! by keirajo

I spent practically a day this weekend surrounded by "events of technology"--highly unusual for me, as I'm very much a peace-and-quiet person. My technology is usually only needed to write and talk to others. But I was able to take home a rare and hard to acquire hotspot from work (though we have 15 of them in circulation now, it's nearly impossible to find one come in--they're THAT popular to be checked out!!!) and figured this was when I'd do updating on all my things (game systems, etc.).

1) I finally dug out my Manga Studio 5 EX disc from where I'd stored it, though I was able to get MS5/Clip off of my old computer, it required me to input the product key before I could use it, to prove I legally purchased it. Interestingly enough, I also found the box my most recent iPhone came in and........it still had all the accessories (wall plug, lightning-USB and earbuds) in it--I guess because I was told when I got it, all my previous iPhone accessories still worked............so, why'd I need to use the new ones? It's kind of the same with DSi/3DS cords. XD

2) Because of #1, I felt like I could finally install my tablet--an Intuos (as my Bamboo died shortly before my computer did) that I had purchased at a sale at Best Buy some number of years ago before our store closed. It said that users of Windows 8 and higher, it would auto-install the drivers from the internet...........but it wasn't doing it, so I broke out the install disc anyways. It, actually, still had an install disc. After that, I had to deal with a highly wonky pen.........and I suck at the calibration on that stuff............. sigh

3) I attempted to install my printer/scanner, a Canon series device. Uh, so this one DID auto-install drivers when it was connected, but not the Canon Image Garden..............so, I'm not certain I can use the scanner portion of this device, even though the printer prints just fine. @_@

4) "Final Fantasy VIII" came out digital only for all the modern systems. I bought a PS Store card for $50, thinking it'd probably cost $30............imagine my surprise when it only cost $20 and so I also bought "Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid". I updated my PS4 and..............had some controller issues again, where it grounds out the charge and stops working. I wound up having to Google solutions to this (since it didn't appear to actually be charging either!), because I didn't even know how I could legitimately turn my PS4 off without unplugging it from the outlet and then facing angry messages the next time I turned it on.

Ummmm...........so, wow. Clip looks so very different with the recent updates, than it did when I got the upgrade from MS5 all those years back. I didn't use Clip, because on my old computer the animation elements were slowing it down. I was able to move Clip's files from my rescued harddrive over to the new computer, but as said above, I needed the product key to technically activate it. Now that version of Clip still looked similar to MS5, but of course when the product key activated it, it took me to the site and it said "update recommended"--so, I spent more time doing the update and then.................Clip looked absolutely different and foreign to me. There was all this crap on a menu that I don't even understand half of what it's for..............and why was the materials folder empty? Did that mean I didn't get all those free background patterns and stuff anymore?

I was three steps from reinstalling MANGA STUDIO 5 EX. I'm not technical. I don't like visually busy menus like that..........I don't like icon driven (app) menus. Why can't things be a simple dropdown thing anymore? Kilo gave me a tip to pin the actual Paint part of the program to my taskbar, so I don't have to see this cluttered menu/cloud thing anymore. And she reassures me the materials really are there, it just may take a little bit for the update to sink in. I hope that this new version of Clip doesn't make me run back to MS5, because that dark background/window coloring really bothers me..............it's too different............ headdesk I hate being old and not very adaptable. ;_;

I guess we'll see how well I do in a few weeks or so, when I attempt to get to my "to color" folder once more. sigh

Ah, technology..........!


9 September 2019 at 10:48:45 MDT

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    im the same way, i went from medibang paint pro to clip studio im so not used to it of how everything looks xD plus so used to drawing on paper so doing stuff on clip studio is so new to me :)

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      I’m very slow to adjust to new technology. By the time I’m used to it, there’s four upgrades and everything looks absolutely different! XD

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    "And she reassures me the materials really are there, it just may take a little bit for the update to sink in"

    Oh!! You have to go to that launcher to download them. Go to settings (somewhere near the top right). Might take a while, though.

    "because that dark background/window coloring really bothers me"

    In the actual program go to File > Preferences > Interface
    There's a "theme of color combination" there and you should be able to make it lighter :o

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      Awww..............thanks! I'll have to write this down so I remember to try to look for them. :D

      I did try to look for the settings of the program, usually stuff is under "properties", but all my usual searching wasn't coming up with how to change that background/window coloring. I couldn't actually see anything that stood out to me that would indicate being able to do it. Heh............even what you said doesn't make me think that THAT would be how you change it! XD

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        Yeah, they changes threw me off too, at first. I remember having to google stuff I couldn't figure out, then I'd feel silly because oh, that option was right there and I assumed I was blind xD

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          They are using terminology normal human beings don’t use! XD