Two updates... by KittyRedden

August 10, 2019

Wanna know what’s awesome? Wiping out your entire site.

Yep. I did that. I was trying to scratch an old database where I was hosting a former friend’s website that went dead and I accidentally deleted all of my databases instead.

…Admit it, you’re impressed.

So here I am, starting over from nothing. Seems like a theme in my life as of late, if I’m being really honest.

I’m going to do my best to rebuild all my information and credit my patrons for my past work. I love you all!


Just wanted to give a quick thank you to David C. for pointing out broken links on my website. I really appreciate the help! Normally, I make my wife go back through my links as she loves reading my comic over and over again anyway, but David jumped on Act 01 for me.

I’ve gotten Acts 1 and 2 and the Act 2 side story up and I’m working on Act 3. Today, however, I’ll be installing shelves in my office so I can unpack the last of the boxes from our move. Gotta have somewhere to put all these collectibles. Stupid obsessions… taking up space… lol

In other news, we’ve been working on adopting a puppy! We fell in love with this 1-year-old shepherd mix at a local shelter, but she chomped at one of my ferrets, so we couldn’t adopt her. My ferrets free roam (when we’re home/awake) so it’s not fair to introduce an animal that would restrict their roaming. We applied for a second dog after seeing her react well to our ferrets, but were turned down because of her prey drive. I was pretty pissed and I let them have it… on a public Facebook post on their page. They weren’t interested in helping us because we had small animals and had I known that, I wouldn’t have wasted a month trying to adopt from them.

But a friend has puppies that are just about ready to leave Mamma and she’s giving us first pick. Pitbull/Great Pyrenees mixes, two breeds I love. I’ll post pictures tomorrow after we go meet the pups. We might bring one home then, or it might be a bit longer. Not sure yet.

Two updates...


17 August 2019 at 12:03:26 MDT

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