Slowdown Notice - Moving (August 2019) by OwenConcorde

I just would like to let everyone know that I might be slowing down a bit because I have to help my family move again. This doesn't mean I won't have a hiatus from submitting my works, but I will still respond to comments and anything else I see when I'm bored. I will still also draw stuff in the meantime, but I know to prioritize packing all my personal stuff into boxes first before there's nothing else to do or I get tired. This is just a heads up and it will be somehow like that until September and just expect whenever there's nothing coming out of me.

Slowdown Notice - Moving (August 2019)


13 August 2019 at 19:08:53 MDT

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    Well uh, I hate when I see my old house one last time until I say goodbye to it forever. I'm hoping to buy a house where it was back in ridgefield NJ, and if it could be up for sale at one point, I will definitely buy it again. That tends to happen when you move out of yoru childhood home and never see it again for a very long time, it brings back nostalgia of what I use to do there for a long time.

    So when it comes to moving for you, hopefully you can say goodbye to it by going in the back seat, looking at the house as you guys move over to yoru new home. = )

    Happy moving Owen.

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      This old house I've been living in for five years, I won't miss it a lot except for the scenery outside. I will hopefully love my new home a lot and it will be far better since my family will take over a two-story apartment and have the whole upstairs to myself. I don't have to worry about how dirty the old place is and my old landlord anymore.

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        I didn't know what house it looked like though. But hey, at least it sounds like it's a lot better than the old place.

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          It sure is! I’ll talk to you later because I have to make constant trips, transplanting stuff.