Charizard Day 2019 - Good Charizard Artists? by flamecoil

With Charizard Day (Sept 28) approaching on the horizon, I'll be looking more and more into snagging commissions with a focus on the fire-type, mainly my primary character, Charkol, or Coralyn, another charizard I've had for a short while now.

If you happen to know of artists who draw charizard quite well and are routinely open for commissions, I'd definitely love for you to link 'em to me either by note or down in the comments!

The following elements are additional elements that I might be focusing on if I order from someone for the day this year:
• Background - Organic / Nature focused scenery. (Forest, Mountainous, Volcanic)
• Feral - The standard bottom-heavy build of a charizard.
• Multi-character - I do enjoy splitting commissions with others! (Drop a line if you might be interested in splitting a piece!)
• Action - Movement, Pokémon attacks, blood, injury.

Thanks in advance if you send any info my way, I defintiely appreciate it!🍻

Charizard Day 2019 - Good Charizard Artists?


12 August 2019 at 20:29:04 MDT

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